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DO NOT Stay At A Velas Resort

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Beware of Apple Vacation Accommodations

Traveler must be extremely cautious when booking a trip through Apple Vacations because Apple Vacations offers Velas Resorts for accommodations.  It is a proven fact Velas Resorts are not reputable as outlined in the details in this website.  

Apple Vacations was mailed information about the wrongdoings at Velas Resorts, however Apple Vacations still partners and arrange accommodations at unethical Velas Resorts.   What does this say about Apple Vacations?  

Do you believe because of their affiliations with Velas Resorts that Apple Vacations might also be an unethical business?   Since they still offer accommodations with Velas Resorts itís very likely they may have similar operating business practices and management styles?   

Do you want to trust your travel plans with an organization that knowingly supports the unethical Velas Resorts who lie and steal from travelers?   Knowing the fact that they use Velas Resorts for vacation packages you must also ask if the other resorts they use are also Slimebags?  

Please keep yourself, family and loved ones safe from Velas Resorts and anyone who does business with them.   




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