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The bottom line is that we make a BIG mistake and this website is here to help prevent you and others from making a similar mistake. 

Initially the Velas group lures you in at the airport by providing free transportation to and from your hotel, gives you gifts (normally free tickets to a show or event) and discounts on local activities during your stay to get you to attend their sales presentation, be aware of this trap. 

In summary, they treat you very nicely during their presentation, serve you breakfast, give you as many alcoholic beverages as you would like, present hours of meaningless information to you that will never come true and by the way, is NOT written in the agreements.   This lengthy process is to tire and wear you out so you will be in a hurry to get out of there when it is time to sign the agreements.   At this point, you are anxious to get out of the presentation so you can finally start and enjoy your vacation.  

They normally try to get you to come early the next morning, your first day of vacation, to attend the sales presentation for several reasons (be aware of this trap).  

1.      many people experience jet lag and/or are very tired from traveling, so they are not thinking at 100% levels.

2.      at the beginning of a vacation, most people are so much into vacation mode, they let their guard down and are not thinking about what is going on around them.

3.      many travelers agree to a 90 minute presentation, but after it turns into several hours of wonderful benefits they are very anxious to quickly sign agreements because it sounds great so they can finally get their vacation started.  However the buyer is not aware that the resort purposely did not include all those wonderful benefits in the agreements, worse yet they shift the burden to the buyer to make the sure all items are include.

4.      we are not drinkers, but we did notice customers at other tables being over served which Iím sure makes many people sign their one sided agreements.

So PLEASE, do NOT fall into this trap and become the next Velas victims, if you do I will promise you will be VERY unhappy too.   However, if you have your heart so set on being a Velas fractional owner, I personally will be so extremely happy to sell you mine and I promise not to tell you hours of lies that will never come true, nor will I waste your time during your vacation.


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