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      Please read the details and follow the advice, STAY AWAY!

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DO NOT Stay At A Velas Resort

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Are you traveling to Puerto Vallarta or Cancun?  Then please read!!!

This page contains flyers that you can print out to take with you on vacation, do yourself a favor, just make sure you print several copies and take them with you.   If someone solicits you to sign up to attend a timeshare or fractional ownership presentation at the airport, in your hotel or out on the streets, just hand them a copy of the following sheet and tell them you are not interested.   You can also help other passengers on your flight by providing them with copies and informing them of the facts on this website, because the timeshare and fractional ownership pirates will be out there to get them too.   If you do attend a sales presentation, at the end of the meeting hand the sales associate a copy of the flyer below and say no thank you.  Another idea is to have this image printed on a tee shirt, then you can wear it around the resort and various locations during your trip to constantly warn and help others.  (to enlarge and print, click on item below)





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