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Does TripAdvisor provide you with the whole story and an honest and fair review or assessment of a resort?  Who is TripAdvisor really working for?   Who pays and supports TripAdvisor?   Is TripAdvisor real mission to help and protect travelers?    These are really important questions to ask and to know the answers to, especially if someone is basing all their decisions on what they read on TripAdvisor.  

The facts are, TripAdvisor will NOT post negative information about a resortís involvement in timeshares, even though the activities take place on the resortís property and the lies and promises that are never fulfilled are made by the employees of the resorts.   In our opinion, blatantly omitting important facts about a resortís activity is a very bias opinion and does NOT provide a true and accurate review of resort.   

We asked TripAdvisor to post our facts about Velas Resorts, they refused our information and deleted our posted comments, stating itís refers to a timeshare, therefore they wonít post it.   Do you think TripAdvisor is not willing to report our facts because we arenít paying TripAdvisor?   We feel since these activities take place at the Velas Resorts, they should be justly reported so readers will have the actual facts about a resort.   Do you feel TripAdvisor is trying to help and protect you, the traveler?   We feel our information is extremely important to travelers to Velas Resorts, see details in our website, however TripAdvisor refuses to post it.   Now do you wonder what else TripAdvisor is not posting about resorts?   

When reading future reviews by TripAdvisor will you question the validity of what youíre reading and if itís an honest assessment?    Will you wonder who is paying TripAdvisor to say what they want TripAdvisor to say about the resort?  Will you even ever use TripAdvisor again?   Why would you?



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