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Below is a brief summary of our sales presentation meeting at Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta on May 27, 2007 with their sales associate Doug Lockett.   We were treated to breakfast then given a tour of the resort, with is a very nice, clean and beautiful resort.   Mr. Lockett then sat us down to review the Velas Vallarta program.  He asked if we knew anything about fractional ownership, which we replied no to.  He said we are going to love the Velas Vallarta fractional ownership because it is unique, flexible and offers many benefit, so much more than a traditional timeshare program.  

He explained with their factional ownership program we will have 25 weeks to sell through a broker (Regal Resales and Rental).   He said Velas Vallarta have all the arrangements already set up with this broker and they will handle everything for us, at the end of the meeting, Mr. Lockett even supposedly called the broker to have the whole transaction established.  He went into a lengthy discussion on how these weeks would be sold, but with a maximum of 4 weeks at a time, this is to avoid taxable income issues.  He said the way things will work, we will receive full payment of all 25 weeks within 6 Ĺ years.   He cautioned us to make sure to save enough of that money because we will need to pay our annual maintenance fees over a 25 year period.  He also told us the way their factional ownership program worked, that we would never stay at their resort, we would receive so much more money by selling the weeks, though it was our home resort that we would be crazy to ever stay at the resort or deposit those weeks into RCI. 

He then told us about the travel beauty of their fractional ownership program, we will have 75 weeks of vacation to use over a 25 year period.  Another advantage is we can break a week into a 3 and 4 day period, which offers even greater flexibility in travel.   As a fractional owner we would be enrolled and become a member of Holiday Systems International (HSI) with our 75 weeks, which we will totally love because he stated how easy and inexpensive it is to use HSI.   He stated as a member how easy it is to go any where, any time, any place and any size unit rarely at a price above $250 per week at a 5 star resort.  

This meeting was scheduled to last 90 minutes, we ended up meeting with Mr. Lockett for over 4 hours.  At least 95% of our meeting with Mr. Lockett, he discussed everything that we would receive (rentals income and HSI travel benefits) and how wonderful everything is and the great opportunity of this unique Velas Vallarta fractional ownership program.    By this time we were exhausted (serious mistake on our part, which they take advantage of), so he hurried us through the agreements (another serious mistake) to get us on our way.   So PLEASE, use our mistakes to learn from and do NOT ever enter into an agreement with Velas Vallarta or any of their sister properties, Grand Velas, Casa Velas and Grand Velas Riviera Maya.  

In October 2009, a  Velas Corporate Representative informed us that they do not service anything that is not in their agreement.   All the verbal information about the rental sales and HSI travel benefits are not in their agreement and not supported by them, though their sales associates spend hours talking about it.   So please, save your time and enjoy your own vacation by never attending one of their sales presentations.   One guarantee I will make, if you donít attend a presentation or purchase a fractional ownership from them, you will definitely want to thank me for providing you with this warning.  


Below are the proven facts that the fractional ownership program that Mr. Lockett explained to us on May 27, 2007 at Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta were nothing more than lies.

During the presentation, Mr. Lockett informed us how much money we would receive and when as listed in the schedule below. 

                    A)   $16,000 for the 1st 4 weeks, due December 2007

                    B)   $16,000 for the 2nd 4 weeks, due December 2007

                    C)   $16,000 for the 3rd 4 weeks, due December 2008

                    D)   $16,000 for the 4th 4 weeks, due December 2009

                    E)   $16,000 for the 5th 4 weeks, due December 2010

                    F)   $16,000 for the 6th 4 weeks, due December 2011

                    G)   $  4,000 for the remaining 1 week, due December 2012

Obviously Mr. Lockett lied to us over and over, because we have not even received a penny of this money.

Also as noted from the meeting above, Mr. Lockett explained in detail about the wonderful vacation package we will be entitled to through Holiday Systems International (HSI) to go any where, any time, any place and any size unit rarely at a price above $250 per week at a 5 star resort.  The few times that we tried to use it, we found it to be a total joke and rip off.  In October 2008 I tried to plan a trip to Hawaii, on the Big Island, in April 2009, for specific dates.    My first response back from HSI was for different dates then I requested and worse yet it was for 2 options, one on the island of Maui and the other on the island of Kauai (not for the Big Island I asked for).  Days later I finally received another option, which was on the Big Island with a check in date of May 1, 2009 (the date was not what I asked for), I requested dates in April.   So obviously any where and any time doesnít work, but I canít even begin to tell you how great (and how many times) Mr. Lockett said this program is and we will travel some much more and save so much money since most weeks stays will not exceed $250 at a 5 star resort.  Well, the HSI quotes for the wrong places and wrong dates were $699 and $625 for a week.  Not even close to the $250 Mr. Lockett stated over and over we would receive.  

So obviously we were lied to repeatedly during our sales presentation by this Velas Vallarta Sales Associate, their program ends up being no more then a timeshare.  It is also very clear and obvious that the Velas group have their Sale Associates lie to people attending sales presentations.  How can I say that, because in their agreement it states, there are no verbal agreements, promises or guarantees for which I am relying upon to make my decision to purchase.  Everything told to me during the presentation is in writing.   If the Velas Vallarta Sales Associates werenít lying and the company was well aware that no lies were being told, then why would they even need to include such a clause in their agreement?   Also, with the above clause in their agreement, they are putting the burden on the customer to insure all items are included in the agreement.   Yes, we made a BIG mistake, so now we want to warn as many people as possible so they do not make the same mistake we did.  Is this the type of resort you want to do business with?



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