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Current Owners please read the following.  You need to really strongly consider if itís in your best interest to continue to pay your annual maintenance fees.  Since August 29, 2011 a total of 134 owners have decided NOT to pay their maintenance fees.  If you're an owner, you too should definitely consider not paying your fees.  Email us if you decide not to pay, we'd love to hear from you too.

During your sales presentation, were promises made to you that never came true?  Are you finding what you thought would be a wonderful vacation package with Velas Resort is now a nightmare?  If so, you arenít alone, not only would we love to hear from you, but you really need to think about if itís a good idea to continue to throw good money at bad money or a bad situation.  Unfortunately, by now you too have discovered the horrible decision with buying a Velas Resort vacation package.  However, there is no reason why you need to continue to pay your annual maintenance fees, because Iím sure you too feel you arenít getting your values worth, let alone what you were promised.  Many unhappy owners have already emailed us, after a few discussions with them, they have made the decision not to pay their maintenance fees, so you too can join the growing number of owners not paying. 

So please, strongly consider not paying your 2012 annual maintenance fee for your Velas Resort vacation package if you arenít 100% happy with Velas Resorts. 


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