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How many ethical legitimate businesses need to put the following statement in writing?

 1.      There are no verbal agreements, promises or guarantees for which I am relying upon to make my decision to purchase.  Everything told to me during the presentation is in writing. 

Do you think a business like Velas Vallarta have their sales associates outright lie during the lengthy sales presentations by promising benefit programs from outside companies?   Read our experiences for more detailed information on this.  If they do believe they lie, then they might consider having a clause in their agreements, like the one above to cover themselves so buyer have no recourse against them or start a lawsuit?  

If Velas Vallarta was so interested in telling the truth and making sure their potential buyers only heard and acted upon the truth, then they should include a positive clause in their agreements, such as; Velas Vallarta has been 100% truthful to you.  Instead of a negative clause that makes the buyer solely responsible for making sure everything promised during the presentation is in fact included in the agreement. 

How ethical is this?

     1.   They have their sales associates explain in details the fractional ownership benefits.

     2.   They put in writing that it is the buyers responsibility to make sure benefits are included

            but the fractional ownership benefits are NOT written in they agreements.

     3.   But their agreement heading states it is a "Fractional Ownership Services Agreement".


    The truth is, since no fractional ownership benefits are in the agreements, all Velas Vallarta is

    selling to buyers are straight TIMESHARES.   What a SCAM!!!!!!

Now do you think Velas Vallarta is an ethical company?  Are Velas resorts a group of resorts that you want to stay at or do business with?  You need to think strongly about these facts before you make your decision.



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